Monday, July 06, 2009

A notice to the general public

It's really not cool to give a nine year old boy a hard time about the birthday cake he chose. Even if you think it's strange that he chose a Power Puff Girls cake. Even if you are "joking".

You can think what you want about it but in the end it's probably just best if you keep your opinion to yourself. Especially if voicing your opinion means that you're going to be making fun of a little boy* for choosing a cake with female cartoon characters on it.

*You'll notice that I don't pull the "way to make fun of an autistic kid!" card even though I totally could.

Two years ago today people asked me dumb questions about parenting an adopted child and Elle was cute even when she cried.


Al said...

pffft, powerpuff girls ROCK!

Anonymous said...

My advice is to don't worry about what other people think, my experience is that they don't do too much of that anyway, or they wouldn't make the stupir comments they make. Tell my sweet grandson that I love hime very much and that sometimes others don't see the world the same way he does, but his way is just fine! Love to all of you....... Grandma Judy

Stimey said...

Damn straight! I think it's cool that he picked tough, cute girls for a cake. He could do worse.

Sam said...

You tell him that Chicken's cake last year (for his 12th bday) was the Little Mermaid!

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Are you serious? That just plain old sucks.

I love the Powerpuff Girls (I actually have a sticker of them right here in front of me on my desk)...and my boys always did too!

I can't stand when people start with the "this is girl stuff...this is boy stuff" talk.

Happy Birthday to him and to heck with what others say!

Anonymous said...

ooh. that bothers me so much. my 5yr old son told me today that he saw a girl wearing the same MyLittleP0ny shirt (ok, it's a dress but in size 2 it fits like a shirt...). He was very excited to tell her she had the same one...and her mom jumped in and told him that boys don't play with MLPony. He proceeded to tell her that he has 18 and loves them all.
hooray for our kids who refuse to conform

Emily said...

Choosing a birthday cake is the best and no one should criticize that choice. Such as my Paul Bunyan cake I chose at a young age, or my Barbie and Telletubby cakes as a teenager. Psssh. Whatev.

Beany said...

Emily, you were 3 when you wanted a Paul Bunyan cake. It still makes me laugh. & love you. & yay Joseph for dancing to his own drummer. Because that kid has the moves!

jenn said...

Whoever did that = jerk. Who gets all judgy on the birthday kid??