Thursday, September 21, 2006

Not much new

Not much going on here. The kids seem to be almost better. Elle still has giant, green boogers in her nose all the time and Joseph has a little bit of a cough but otherwise they seem ok.

The other day at therapy we ran into one of Joseph's little friends and they were so excited to see each other. His friend ran up to him and said "Joseph! Can you come to my house for a playdate?" Joseph's eyes got HUGE and he couldn't even talk. He was so excited when I said that we could work it out in the next week or so! The little boy seems nice and his mom (who also seems nice) and I chat every day when we come to pick our kids up. I'm glad he found a nice little friend.

One little boy in Joseph's class is not so nice. I guess he called Joseph a baby and was messing with Joseph's blanket at nap time. I talked to his teacher and she promised to keep an eye on things. When I told her the name of the little boy who did it she kind of made a face and said that she wasn't too suprised that he was the one. I figured it was better to be sure that she was aware of the situation since Joseph doesn't always know what to do when dealing with someone who's more aggresive like that. Anyway, the alternative was that I went into the classroom and grabbed the kid by the collar and shook him around for a while. As satisfying as that would be..... yeah, I probably better not do that.

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