Wednesday, March 30, 2005


That's it! Gwen and Beanie were snarky now no one gets to help name the baby any more. Coco Cabana indeed.

Seriously though I am 100% decided on Daniel if it's a boy. Still no verdict on a girl's name. I guess I could wait until find out what I'm having before I worry about it. 9 weeks to go until then.

Can't think of a title

I'm in a big funk today. Yesterday and today have been rough. Even with my medication I have not been able to keep any food or even water down. I actually hurt myself throwing up yesterday. I threw my neck all out of wack and I think I strained some muscles in my abdomen. The chiropractor helped with my neck but there's not a lot that can be done about the other stuff.

Jesse has been a huge help, coming home in the afternoon to get to Joseph on the bus and take him to his therapy. Thank goodness his work is very understanding.

On the plus side I learned some new things. A handful of popcorn may seem harmless but feels like razor blades coming back up. A single jelly bean can turn vomit bright orange. If you're sick Joseph is very sweet and brings you his blanket to "feel you better". What a cutie.

To Dad: Haha! Half off pants. I get it.

To everyone else: Check out my Dad's site that is linked on the right. Even though he makes corny jokes his Disney March Madness site is pretty fun.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Another post by Joseph

Hi! I had medicine in my ears. Bye.

Monday, March 28, 2005

The shopping news

I went shopping with Becky tonight and got a couple of shirts and a cute pair of capri pants. I have to start buying new clothes now because all of the sudden my body just changed shape. Nothing fits me now, not even my big t-shirts. My pants keep trying to fall off too. All of the sudden my tummy is starting to stick out and it's not just my regular ample belly. Anway, the stuff I got was cute and the pants were half off so you can't argue with that. Pretty soon I'll have to buy some huge underwear too. Weeeeee!


I am exactly 11 weeks along today. I read that 90% of miscarriges occure within the first 10 weeks so I have to admit I was a little relieved to get past the 10 week mark. Not that it's all for sure smooth sailing from here on out but I am still glad to be in week 11.

Fun for all

Last night Joseph woke up some time before 10 just crying and screaming. He kept pulling and hitting at his ear and it was obvious he was pretty unhappy. We couldn't get him to take any tylenol and it even seemed to hurt him to take a sip of water. Since we knew it was an ear infection and there was no way we were going to get him to sleep we figured we would take him into the emergency room to get him started on medicine right away.

As we were driving to the hospital Joseph started to throw up. Like, a lot. His mouth was like a faucet and more and more just kept pouring out. Jesse started driving pretty fast (he said he was going about 80 at one point) and he pulled right into the ambulance pull-up. We didn't want to have to take Joseph across the parking lot because he was just soaked in vomit al the way down to his underwear. We got him out of his car seat and stripped him naked as someone brought a towel and blanket out to us. Poor Joseph had vomit everywear, in his hair, hin his socks, in his eyebrows and all he was worried about was that he had thrown up on his new Scooby Doo shirt. He kept saying "My sickness is covering my shirt." Rather poetic for a pukey 4 year old, no?

Anyway, after a long wait we got in to see a doctor (Jesse went home while we were waiting to clean out the car and get a clean Scooby Doo shirt). He told us Joseph had an ear infection in his left ear and the start of on in his right. He thought the vomiting was probably just a one time thing brought on by feeling icky and ceing so upset. We got sent home with ear drops and antibiotics. By the time we left Joseph was laughing and making deals about how many cartoons he would watch when we got home.

I threw up in the car on the way home.

Good times for all but Joseph seems to be feeling pretty good today aside from a runny nose. He's at grandma's house now because he doesn't have school today. As for myself I'm going to go take a nap and try to sleep away this craving I have for pork rinds. (I blame Beanie for bringing them up yesterday.)

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a good Easter! Joseph had us up at 7 for the Easter egg hunt. He had a good time, it was lots of fun to watch him.

I have to return to the subject of poop again for a minute. My mom told me that she knew someone who was giving birth and her husband was really into the whole thing, pushing along with her. He pushed so much that he pooped his pants. Haha! I guess there are worse things than pooping on the table after all. Man, that makes me laugh.

Saturday, March 26, 2005


I forgot to mention earlier that I think the baby is a boy. I don't know why, I just have a feeling. Maybe it's because I am so sure of the name I want if it's a boy but I can't decide on any one girl's name that I really like. The new one I'm really leaning towards is Sophie but that would be weird given that the last Sophie I knew had about 3 teeth and smelled like rotton meat. Sniff. I miss that dog.

Anywya, I have a feeling the baby is a boy. Like I need another one of those around here. Kidding of course! I mean, I would be happy with either but it would also be nice to have someone else in the house who didn't whine whenever I want to go down the Barbie isle at Target.

Suggestions on girl's names in case I'm wrong?

Hey Ya! Zzzzzzzzzz....

I'm feeling pretty good stomach-wise. Right now my big problem is that I am really, really tired. I keep falling asleep while playing with Joseph and stuff. I was trying to read a book last night but I kept reading the same paragraph over and over without actually understanding what I was reading. The only thing keeping me awake while I type this is that I'm bopping around to Hey Ya playing for about the 100th time in a row on my computer.

Oh no! It's ending and Mr Tamborine Man is coming on! Must ...... fight ...... zzzzzzz.....

Friday, March 25, 2005

An awesome way to kill time

Check out this thing my dad came up with. He rocks.

A post by Joseph

The baby is cute. I want to name the baby Ben so my old Ben can have a new Ben twin. The baby is funny and little and he toots and he likes Scooby Doo. I will be a big brother. Mommy has the baby in her tummy and she's building it. That's all.

The dreaded poop talk

Ok, so a few weeks ago I was blissfuly unaware that many women, err, went while giving birth. Then I saw it mentioned in a magazine article. Then I read about it in some information that they gave me at the doctors office. Then I read a whole essay about it in a book Becky got me. Why did no one tell me this before? I suspect that if more women knew this there would be a lot fewer people around.

This has become my biggest fear about giving birth. Squeeze an entire person out of my body? Sure, no problem! Expose myself to an entire room of strangers? Bring it on! Just please, please don't let me poop while giving birth.

I have a plan though! I am going to stop eating sometime during my 37th week of pregnancy. Sure, I may get a little woozy but at least I'll be worry free during the delivery.

Ok, now that's off my chest and I can move onto nicer things. Not a touch of morning sickness today and I ate a piece of chocolate and it actually tasted good. Maybe that's a sign that things are returning to normal. The bad news is that I have such a craving for cheese wizz and double stuff Oreos (not together) that I can hardly stand it. I'm also craving pot stickers with spicy broth from Animal Kingdom. Too bad I don't know anyone who works at Disney World and might be able to track down the recipe for me.......

Thursday, March 24, 2005


The morning sickness appears to be back with a vengance. I seem to be falling into a pattern of feeling pretty good for a day or two and then just getting knocked on my butt.

There was some stuff I wanted to talk about including my recently acquirred knowledege that half the women giving birth poop on the table while doing so but I'll save that for another time. Be warned! The poop talk is coming.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

How sweet!

Jesse got me a certificate for a 1 hour massage today. Awesome. I think I might wait a little while before I use it. In a few more months I'm going to be glad I waited.

We went to Target tonight to start our gift registry. I know it's early but I'm excited! We met a really nice couple who were doing the same thing. She's due in early July and we talked for a long time about babies and baby stuff. Her husband and Jesse talked about ..... I don't know, cars or sports or whatever it is that guys talk about. Fun to talk about pregnancy with someone who's going through it too.

I need to seperate Jesse and Joseph now. They're about to come to blows. Ok, so I'm exaggerating. A little.

Actual Baby News

pSo last Friday was a little rough for me. I was throwing up a lot and just feeling pretty lousy. We went to the emergency room and I was given something for the naseua, 2 bags of IV fluids and a little morphine. I guess narcotics are safe for the baby. Who knew? They also drew some blood. My blood sugar level was very high. About 100 (100 what? I don't know.) is normal and mine was at 240. That was a concern as I have never had problems with my blood sugar levels. Anyway I was sent home with some stuff to help with the nausea.

On Monday I went in for my initial OBGYN check-up and they drew some more blood. That turned out to be normal. So either the first level was just a fluke or someone in the lab made a mistake. That's what happens when you store your blood samples next to your vials of Dr Pepper I guess. Mistakes are bound to happen.

The rest of the check up went well too. I have lost 15 pounds in about the last month or so but I'm ok with that. I've still got plenty of er, padding to work with. I got to hear the baby's heartbeat and that was cool. I got weepy. (Of course, everything makes me weepy right now. I cried during an episode of Sponge Bob yesterday.) Everything else looks good. I did have to get a shot since I have (had) bronchitis and I also had to go and get another bag of IV fluids put in to rehydrate me. I'll have to go back in two weeks to have more blood drawn (just keeping a close eye on the blood sugar levels) and then in 4 weeks for another check-up.

Aside from a minor freak-out today about how I am actually going to be able to do this whole baby thing I'm doing pretty well. I ate today with not problem. I don't have much of an appetite but I didn't feel sick after eating either. It's always nice to have a day without vomit.

Just starting out....

Ok, let's see how this goes. It's been a couple of years since I unleashed myself on the cyber world in journal form. I plan to have this be mostly about "the baby" and Joseph (who is the current title holder of "the baby"). I may meander sometimes if so moved but I'll try to keep it clean and family friendly. You may notice my spelling is error filled. I like to think of it as creative.