Saturday, March 26, 2005


I forgot to mention earlier that I think the baby is a boy. I don't know why, I just have a feeling. Maybe it's because I am so sure of the name I want if it's a boy but I can't decide on any one girl's name that I really like. The new one I'm really leaning towards is Sophie but that would be weird given that the last Sophie I knew had about 3 teeth and smelled like rotton meat. Sniff. I miss that dog.

Anywya, I have a feeling the baby is a boy. Like I need another one of those around here. Kidding of course! I mean, I would be happy with either but it would also be nice to have someone else in the house who didn't whine whenever I want to go down the Barbie isle at Target.

Suggestions on girl's names in case I'm wrong?


Anonymous said...

If I had another girl, her name would be Hannah. I do like Sophie though. I'm sure I'll think of more names I like.

Anonymous said...

You need a suggestion for a girl's name? How about Maddi?

Anonymous said...

Hey just a random reader. You may never see this considering it's already filed in the archives but how about Kaleigh (pronounced kay-lee)as a girl's name?