Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Can't think of a title

I'm in a big funk today. Yesterday and today have been rough. Even with my medication I have not been able to keep any food or even water down. I actually hurt myself throwing up yesterday. I threw my neck all out of wack and I think I strained some muscles in my abdomen. The chiropractor helped with my neck but there's not a lot that can be done about the other stuff.

Jesse has been a huge help, coming home in the afternoon to get to Joseph on the bus and take him to his therapy. Thank goodness his work is very understanding.

On the plus side I learned some new things. A handful of popcorn may seem harmless but feels like razor blades coming back up. A single jelly bean can turn vomit bright orange. If you're sick Joseph is very sweet and brings you his blanket to "feel you better". What a cutie.

To Dad: Haha! Half off pants. I get it.

To everyone else: Check out my Dad's site that is linked on the right. Even though he makes corny jokes his Disney March Madness site is pretty fun.


Anonymous said...

My post from awhile ago never posted so I thought I'd give it another whirl. Im putting in a vote for a girls name (drumm roll please) Eva. I think its a good name for a baby...oh look at cute little eva shes got a lolly-pop stuck in her pig tails. Its also good for adults...I can see an eva as a sassy power exec. in stiletos and a tailored suit. Thers my vote for what its worth...Ive also been into the name Eden for a girl..different but not anything like apple. Geez apple you have to wonder what is in that LA water.


Anonymous said...

Or Coco. Yes, no identity or self-esteem issues there. I like Eva, but would you pronounce it Eeva or Ava?

Anonymous said...

Eeva of course if you do name the baby coco I must insist that its middle name be cabana.