Monday, March 28, 2005

Fun for all

Last night Joseph woke up some time before 10 just crying and screaming. He kept pulling and hitting at his ear and it was obvious he was pretty unhappy. We couldn't get him to take any tylenol and it even seemed to hurt him to take a sip of water. Since we knew it was an ear infection and there was no way we were going to get him to sleep we figured we would take him into the emergency room to get him started on medicine right away.

As we were driving to the hospital Joseph started to throw up. Like, a lot. His mouth was like a faucet and more and more just kept pouring out. Jesse started driving pretty fast (he said he was going about 80 at one point) and he pulled right into the ambulance pull-up. We didn't want to have to take Joseph across the parking lot because he was just soaked in vomit al the way down to his underwear. We got him out of his car seat and stripped him naked as someone brought a towel and blanket out to us. Poor Joseph had vomit everywear, in his hair, hin his socks, in his eyebrows and all he was worried about was that he had thrown up on his new Scooby Doo shirt. He kept saying "My sickness is covering my shirt." Rather poetic for a pukey 4 year old, no?

Anyway, after a long wait we got in to see a doctor (Jesse went home while we were waiting to clean out the car and get a clean Scooby Doo shirt). He told us Joseph had an ear infection in his left ear and the start of on in his right. He thought the vomiting was probably just a one time thing brought on by feeling icky and ceing so upset. We got sent home with ear drops and antibiotics. By the time we left Joseph was laughing and making deals about how many cartoons he would watch when we got home.

I threw up in the car on the way home.

Good times for all but Joseph seems to be feeling pretty good today aside from a runny nose. He's at grandma's house now because he doesn't have school today. As for myself I'm going to go take a nap and try to sleep away this craving I have for pork rinds. (I blame Beanie for bringing them up yesterday.)

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