Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Actual Baby News

pSo last Friday was a little rough for me. I was throwing up a lot and just feeling pretty lousy. We went to the emergency room and I was given something for the naseua, 2 bags of IV fluids and a little morphine. I guess narcotics are safe for the baby. Who knew? They also drew some blood. My blood sugar level was very high. About 100 (100 what? I don't know.) is normal and mine was at 240. That was a concern as I have never had problems with my blood sugar levels. Anyway I was sent home with some stuff to help with the nausea.

On Monday I went in for my initial OBGYN check-up and they drew some more blood. That turned out to be normal. So either the first level was just a fluke or someone in the lab made a mistake. That's what happens when you store your blood samples next to your vials of Dr Pepper I guess. Mistakes are bound to happen.

The rest of the check up went well too. I have lost 15 pounds in about the last month or so but I'm ok with that. I've still got plenty of er, padding to work with. I got to hear the baby's heartbeat and that was cool. I got weepy. (Of course, everything makes me weepy right now. I cried during an episode of Sponge Bob yesterday.) Everything else looks good. I did have to get a shot since I have (had) bronchitis and I also had to go and get another bag of IV fluids put in to rehydrate me. I'll have to go back in two weeks to have more blood drawn (just keeping a close eye on the blood sugar levels) and then in 4 weeks for another check-up.

Aside from a minor freak-out today about how I am actually going to be able to do this whole baby thing I'm doing pretty well. I ate today with not problem. I don't have much of an appetite but I didn't feel sick after eating either. It's always nice to have a day without vomit.

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