Monday, October 24, 2011

When your children are raised by a semi-crunchy mom

In this house we have no problem with letting the yellow mellow.

I just wish that once in a while my children would remember to flush down the brown.  Or to shut the door when they're in the bathroom ... doing bathroom things.

You would think that once your children are potty trained you would be able to become less intimately acquainted with their waste products.  Not in this house.

Is there every going to come a day where I am not able to tell who was in the bathroom last just by looking in the toilet?


Stimey said...

If I have to run through: Close the door, turn on the light, wipe, flush one more time, I'll freak out. And my oldest is TEN.

Lindsay said...

Our yellow is not that mellow. I have a pretty low tolerance for shit viewing, and I'm not the worlds sweetest mom, so my kids are pretty good flushers.

I'm just glad we live in a part of the country where there's tons of rain and I don't feel too bad about not conserving water.

Emily Storkamp said...

I give it five years for the problem to clear up.

Oh... and I have decided to start a blog. I am not actually "starting it" for a couple weeks. But... there's that.

Anonymous said...

Nope, it will never happen. No one ever tells you that "bathroom police" is included in the Mom title, but it is. Just make it part of your routine and pretty soon you won't even notice that it is happening. Sometimes it helps not to think about these things, and just do them. It helps to remeber that children, although somewhat civilized, are in fact little animals that no matter how bright they may be, they are very slow learners in some areas. Good luck. My sympathies are with you.

Your MIL, Judy