Monday, October 26, 2009

Clearly Jesse is wrong about everything

My husband and I have been married for over 10 years now and for the most part it's been smooth sailing. We've never had to deal with the issues that face a lot of couple married for 10 years. No infidelity, no major blow ups about money, no significant differences in child-rearing philosophy, no fights about religion or politics.

Don't take that to mean that we never argue because we do. Sure, we might not fight about the big stuff but we make up for it by bickering about every single little thing that we can.

I love Jesse dearly. He's a good husband, a great father and my very best friend. He's also wrong about everything and it's my job to correct all his misconceptions.

In the past ten years we have had heated arguments over the following things:

  • What the proper name for "tortillas" is.
  • Whether or not Coldplay sounds the same as U2.
  • If Amish people can be autistic.
  • How many types of fish we should have in our fish tank.
  • How much water to add to the pan when you're making sausage links.
  • If it's possible to have thunder without lightening.
  • If jackalopes are real or not.
  • If it's ok to scream at an umpire.

Those are just a few examples. I've probably blocked some of the most ridiculous from my mind. I'm curious to know if we're alone in this. What is the stupidest, most pointless thing you have ever argued about with your significant other? And don't you think that tortillas should be called "tortillas" and not "wraps"?

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Shannon said...

Tortillas are what you use to make "wraps". Wraps are tortillas wrapped up with stuff inside.

The hubby and I argue about ridiculous stuff like this ALL THE TIME. I can't think of a great example right now but just know what we are right there with you guys! :)

The Naked Wife said...

My husband and I once got into an argument for over an hour about whether Arizona observed daylight savings time or not.

We also can't agree on the correct pronunciation of Italian (despite the fact that everyone agrees with me that you don't pronounce it with a long I).

The blackberry with wikipedia/web access was the single best tool for our marriage, I think.

Sara said...

One time, we were on our way to Home Depot, and I wanted to buy some loppers. He told me there was no such word and that I was making it up. We argued the WHOLE way to the store. In the end, I was right! I also have a ridiculous argument sidebar because I have them so much. It's usually between my mother and I. Gotta love ridiculous arguments!

jwg said...

So can Autistic kids be autistic? I assume the answer is yes, but you've got me thinking. I may have to Google it.

charmingbitch said...

Every argument D and I have is ridiculous simply b/c that fool keeps engaging me in disagreement when, obviously, I am always right. He caynt brain, he has teh dumb.

Chiara said...

Well at least hopefully you can step back and go 'well, this fight is ridiculous, let's stop!'

Ben said...

Usually not

Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children said...

Every single one of our arguments is ridiculous. Now if only I can keep that perspective when we're in the midst of a fight!

CK1 said...

I am now married to somebody else and he's dating a lovely girl, but after 16 years, an ex-boyfriend and I are *still* fighting about whether or not the Wonder Twins had power rings.