Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Some conservative advice

Every so often a facebook friend or someone who's on my regular blog reading list will surprise me by saying something really, really .... republican. And I don't mean "difference of opinion regarding politics republican". I mean like, "asshole republican".

See, I'm aware that really conservative thinking people exist. I hear them talked about on the Rachael Maddow show. I see them poked fun at on the Colbert Report. I know that they have their own television channel - Fox News - which seems to be some sort of cartoon where privileged white guys yell about how women, minorities and gays are trying to bring them down.

So I know that this stuff is out there. I'm just always surprised when someone that I know turns out to be one of those people. My first reaction is always disbelief. "Really? You're serious about that shit? You mean you really meant it when you said you hope there's never universal health care and that Obama fails and that abortion becomes illegal and that gays are never allowed to marry? That wasn't a parody? Wow."

Then I get angry. People shouldn't pass themselves off as normal people when they're really not. If you think Sean Hannity is awesome you should be required to wear an armband or something so that the rest of society knows to give you a wide berth.

I know that politics are a touchy thing to talk about. I know how passionate I am about my own political beliefs and I know how easy it is to get caught up in catchy slogans and buzz words and all of that stuff. I know that no one wants to come off sounding like a lunatic or a bad guy so I would like to take a moment to office a little advice to all my conservative friends*:

When you start sounding like Stephen Colbert, only you're not being ironic? It's time to pull back on your rhetoric. It's really hard for other people to take you seriously when you've become a joke made at your own expense.

Thank you.

*I don't actually have any conservative friends. Family members? Yes, but we all have our crosses to bear.

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Nette said...

I love this!! And agree.

Sarah said...

That's so true. I'm one of about two non-wingnuts at my office and I try not to bring up politics at all, but sometimes when the guys are standing around bashing everything I believe in(using some real swiss cheese logic),I can't take it anymore and have to start poking extra holes. I don't want to be rude, but geeze, they know which way I lean and bring it up in front of me anyway, so I think they deserve to feel as stupid as they sound.

LibraryGirl62 said...

If I discussed politics, religion or college football, i would say...YES!!!!I so agree with you! My biggest thing is how all of this country's woes started 11 months ago. Jeez....

Ben said...

You don't have any conservative friends? Well that's not very tolerant of you.

Emily said...

Jenny, I love you.

Jen said...

Ben - I can't be bothered to tolerate ultra-conservatives. I'm too busy tolerating everyone else so that you don't have to!

jenn said...

Too funny! And oh-so-true. It also takes me aback when I find out someone I like is super-conservative Republican. I always picture them as having pointy teeth and living in caves, not walking around like regular people.