Friday, December 18, 2009

King Ding

Last night I attended a Rifftrax event with the town's hip crowd. (aka my brother, cousin and uncle) One of the best parts was when they showed a commercial for the classic toy known as Dingalings. You remember Dingalings don't you? No? Well I'm not sure exactly when they came out but I'm guessing they weren't on toy shelves long before someone realized how horribly penis-centric they were and had them yanked*.

I found a version of the commercial on youtube. Watch and enjoy. Be sure to keep an eye out for Fireman Dingaling with pumping action, Spy Dingaling with his amazing crotch camera and King Ding who sucks another Ding up into his... well, just watch and see.


year ago today we got a new couch.
Two years ago today I had birth plans.


shyestviolet said...





you can't make this stuff up. good lord.

Emily said...

With boys all over the world to help him with his tasks. Looove it.
P.S. I am hip too....

Anonymous said...

I must have been on another planet when those were introduced... I don't remember them at all... Of course, I might have just been too busy with my real life to notice! Thanks for the update, but I don't think I really missed anything!! Glad to hear that you had a good time with your relatives. Their ad campaign must not have done so well! Merry, Merry... Judy