Saturday, December 10, 2011

Houston, we have a baby

Woot!  I'm pregnant!  The transfer was successful much to my great relief.  To be honest, I was getting positive pregnancy tests just four days after the embryo transfer but I wanted to hold off on sharing until it had been confirmed by blood test.

Three blood tests later my hgc numbers just keep going up so we're really, truly pregnant.  My IM is starting to get cautiously optimistic.  This has been a long road for her and I know we still have a long way to but she's getting excited.

As for me I feel pretty good right now.  I have decided that this will be the pregnancy where I do not get morning sickness.  I'm determined not to throw up a single time.  I have had a couple of times where I felt a little urpy but I think that was caused less by morning sickness and more by a pretty wicked case of heartburn.  Mostly I'm hungry all the time and really, really sleepy.  I forgot how tired I get during early pregnancy!  I keep thinking "I should really get the Christmas decorations out ...zzzzzzzz." or "I suppose I should get dinner started and clean the ..... zzzzzz."

Oh well.  This too shall pass and before you know it I'll be on to my favorite part of pregnancy - the part where I switch to maternity pants!


Emily said...

All kinds of excited for you! I look forward to hearing about it every step of the way. :)

Swistle said...

I'm so glad for all of you!

Shannon said...

Woohoo! So wonderful!

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!! Success!!! I'm so happy for you and the IM! She has been through so much, too. What a wonderful Christmas present!! I know you will keep all of us updated. Nap while you can!

Love to all!

Your MIL, Judy

Stimey said...

I'm so excited for you! And good for you for determining that this is the pregnancy where you will not have morning sickness. I just wonder why you didn't determine that for the others too. :)


Anonymous said...