Friday, March 16, 2012

Random updates

I keep forgetting how pregnant I am. This morning I was thinking it was about 16 weeks but then I counted it out and I'm 18 and a half weeks.  This pregnancy has been weird.

Elle brought home a menu she made in school when they were playing restaurant.  On the regular menu was "ledduce", "carrotts", "salid" and "food". On the dessert and drink menu were beer and Oreos.

Joseph is going to have a solo in the upcoming school concert. He's going to be doing the rap portion of "Everybody Dance Now". I plan to tape it and play it to myself every day for the rest of my life.

Our family took a three day trip to Duluth to see the sights and eat at some Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives places.  I cannot say enough good things about The Duluth Grill. It was so good we went twice in two days.  If you go for breakfast order the scotch eggs.  They look funky but they are AMAZING. I also can't say enough bad things about Grandma's. Bad service, loooooong wait times and crappy food.  If you go order whatever you want and then feel bad about it because you could be eating at The Duluth Grill.

If you ever go to Duluth try to take Joseph with you because he will want to visit the Maritime Museum and he will keep talking about it and calling it the "Merry Time Museum" and you will find it so cute that you will be forced to buy him whatever he wants at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

I'm going to be going on another eating road trip this weekend.  My dad and I are going to Kansas City where we will have BBQ and other assorted bad for you foods.  I haven't gained any weight so far this pregnancy but my plan is to shatter that record with smoked meat and other sauced foods.  Shut up.  It's good for the baby.


Emily said...

Well have fun! We have so many Diners Drive Ins and Dives places super close to us in all directions but we have only been to two. I need to look them up again and visit and maybe try to make you a little jealous.

Barbara said...

We like to go up a little farther and stay in Castle Danger. So of course we go to Betty's Pies at least once, but the Rustic Inn cafe has really good food without the insane business of Betty's Pies. Thanks for the Maritime Museum tip though, we'll definitely check it out next time.

If you knit/crochet at all or know someone who does, there is a yarn store as you head up the coast that is part of someone's house, but it's sorta small, but PACKED with yarn... and I mean PACKED! I stopped there for some pink baby yarn last summer, but haven't had time to make anything with it yet... and now my girl isn't much of a baby. Maybe mittens and a hate and scarf for next winter.... or doll clothes.

This is where we always stay Grand Superior Lodge... we get a cabin usually... they also have very good food in their restaurant. We also stayed at a Bed & Breakfast in Duluth once the first time we went there... the A.G. Thompson house. Very nice, but better as a "couple" thing. Much prefer the cabins... we've done that as a couple, couple with child and 2 couples with child (my parents came with us once) and it's been great/convenient every time. Helps defray some of the costs too since you can cook... most of the restaurants in that area are spendy. Plus they have complimentary bikes you can sign out and canoes too...

We try to go up that way every other year and head west in opposite years. Medora for 4th of July is pretty amazing... the fireworks off the bluffs is really nice.

Have you ever gone up to Frostfire?

dancing_lemur said...

I am mostly intrigued by the fact that the school concert includes the song "Everybody Dance Now" and have this mental image of a bunch of elementary school kids starting to breakdance or something in the middle of it.

Anonymous said...

Jen, thanks for the update!! Jesse told me about your Duluth trip, I'm glad everyone had a terrific time. There are lots of fun places "up north"! Have a super dooper time with your Dad this weekend. Cherish those bonding times! Love to all....

Your MIL....Judy