Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Peace out

I've been going to a dentist who is totally overhauling my mouth.  Before I got pregnant I would get gassed like crazy before I would let her work on me.  Now I squeeze a stress ball and try not to scream in terror.  It's been ... fun.

I've gone in for work several times now and every time my dentist has remarked on how groovy my teeth are.  It was only today when I was walking out that I realized (rather sadly) that she has been saying my teeth have a lot of grooves and not that my teeth are really radical and hip.



Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, the harsh reality of the dental world. You have my sympathy, but know that even if your teeth aren't groovy in the way that you would like, the rest of you is!!!

Your MIL, Judy

dancing_lemur said...

Oh, but I'm sure your teeth are TOTALLY radical and hip. Because they pay the dentist's mortgage. ;)