Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Merry fricken' Christmas

My mom and I took the kids to get their pictures taken yesterday. I wanted to get some of Elle alone and then some of them together to use as our Christmas card this year. What a fiasco! Elle wasn't feeling well and cried and fussed almost the entire time. Almost without fail every time we got her to have a content look on her face Joseph would start acting like a little monkey. The photographer would put him in a pose and we would get both of them looking at the camera and then just as the picture was about to be taken Joseph would throw his hands in the air and shout "Goose berries!" or something equally weird. Augh!

Elle was so crabby that we weren't even able to have her solo pictures done. I'll have to go back another time for that. We did manage to get a couple of cute shots of them together though. I told Jesse I should have just gotten a picture of both of them crying and written "Merry Fricken' Christmas" on it.

I suppose I should take Elle out of her swing and try to nurse her. Since she's not feeling well all she wants to do is sit in her swing and snooze. If I take her out to nurse her or change or anything she gets mad and screams at me. She gets all red and she waves her little fists around like she's trying to take a swing at me. It's actually pretty cute but she's already so miserable that I don't like making it worse. She does need to nurse though so she'll have to come out sooner or later. As talented as I am I haven't figured out how to nurse her while she's swinging yet. Give me time.

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Beany said...

Ahh the frustration of picture taking. Those were the good old days. I remember having to take Emily back once for her pictures, because she would not cooperate. We were there about an hour the first time, and at least that long the second time. I was always surprised they let us come back. I expected a picture from the first time on the door with a red circle and a slash mark through it. You know mostly those people have the patience of Mother Theresa, but I think they were so happy to see us leave.