Thursday, December 15, 2005


I went and had Elle's pictures done today. She cooed and giggled in the car all the way there. She cooed and giggled as I got her dressed in her fancy pink dress. She cooed and giggled as I carried her in to get her picture taken. I laid her down on the pillow and she started to scream. Her face got red and her hands went right for her mouth, a sure sign that she's hungry. I took her into the dressing room and tried to feed her but she didn't seem to want to eat, just to scream. She had a bunch of toots and then seemed to feel a little better. I took her back into the other room to try the pictures again. I laid her down and she fell asleep.

Ok, I can deal with that. I thought we could get some cute ones of her in just her diaper as she slept. I took of her fancy pink dress and suddenly she was wide awake. She refused to smile though. She kind of smirked a few times but mostly she just laid there looking serious. I decided to try putting her dress back on but that made her decide she needed to eat again. Ay-yi-yi.

Edited to add- Joseph just got off the bus crying because he was so upset. For some reason he and another little boy were talking about dying and the little boy told him everybody dies someday. Joseph's not down with that I guess. I asked him why they were talking about dying and he said he said he asked them about it because he didn't know if they knew about it. He's very worried about the people he knows getting old and dying. The whole concept of death is very troubling to him. He's too sensitive for his own good sometimes.

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Ben said...

I eagerly await your lenghty post, and my subsequent criticism.

P.S. Does Joseph get to go to the moon when he turns twelve?