Saturday, October 13, 2007

Multiple choice quiz for buttheads

This is a simple quiz, just one question: You and your spouse are having a tough time getting the kids to bed one night. It's turning into an hour and half long process. There are tears, raised voices, kicks, and shrieks. And that's just from the seven year old. At one point you go to get yout two year old yet another healthy snack since she seems to be acting hungry. You heave a mighty sigh on your way out of the kitchen. You wife smiles at you and says "It'll be ok" in her best encoureging voice. The proper response is to:
a) Say nothing. There's no time for small talk.
b) Smile back on your way out of the room.
c) Stop and say "Thanks, I needed to hear that. It's really been a rough night."
d) Roll your eyes and (in a louder than nessecary voice) say "I can sigh if I want to!" then storm out of the room.

Answer key: a, b or c would be acceptable. d is what Jesse did. Color me annoyed.


StickyKeys said...

You gotta admit though, it's better than shaking the baby. Don't shake the baby, Jen.

Ben said...

Oh he was probably just having a bad day.

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

I've been on both sides of that interaction. It's not pretty on either side.