Friday, October 05, 2007

A very rude little girl

My mom told me once that when I was at the age where I had started school and my brother had not he would always look forward to me coming home so that he could ask me what I had for lunch that day. Every day when I came home he would run to me and say "What did you have for lunch today?" and I, being the loving older sister would yell "Augh! Stop asking me that all the time!"

God, what a little bitch. Why didn't I just tell him what I had for lunch? Was it really so much to ask?

Ben, if you're reading this, and if it makes you feel any better (because I'm sure you're still wounded all these years later) I seem to remember eating a lot of pizza, mashed potatoes, soyburgers and corn with black flecks in it.


Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

Poor Ben. The fact that he might be reading this is a testament of the fact that he must love you. Despite the trauma you caused him. :) (And yes, I side with him because I'm the younger sibling in my family, too.)

StickyKeys Says: said...


Angela said...

Did you go to my school?

Ben said...

Ack! So that's what you've been keeping from me all these years!