Monday, September 01, 2008

Yes, I said in my mouth

Small update to the Joseph situation. I guess I was wrong about what's going on with him. He does NOT have pneumonia. He had what the doctor is referring to as "breathing incident". If something like this happens time after time it's called asthma but if it only happens once it's called a breathing incident.

The doctor I spoke to today said it was probably brought on by a combination of Joseph's seasonal allergies being bad and him having a little bit of a cold. We're chalking it up to sort of a freak thing for now.

The good news is that once he gets out of here he'll probably be able to start school right away. He's not contagious so we won't have to keep him home.

The bad news is that last night I was struggling to get a very sleep and combative Joseph to pee into the little bedside pee thingy and there was ....... a bit of an incident. During the struggle Joseph was kicking and peeing at the same time. The pee went everywhere. My shirt was all wet. Some got in mouth.

Don't every let anyone tell you that motherhood isn't glamorous.


Sam said...

Oh crap. Well, I suppose it could have been barf instead. I'm glad that he is doing okay and well on his way to starting school soon.

Jill said...

Oh, that's nasty!

The Boy used to have breathing incidents... then he had enough of them to end up in the hospital and they labeled it asthma. He was only a year old at the time though. I hope this is a one-time deal for Joseph and that you can get out of there soon!!

nell said...

Dude, that's disgusting, but at least you know it's sterile. Gross.

I'm sorry Joseph had a breathing incident (that feels weird to type out) but glad to hear is was a freak thing and that he'll be back in school soon.

Pare said...

Glad to hear he's on the mend.

As for you, you might want to wash that out with some soap... :)

StickyKeys said...

My little play niece is having a wicked time with allergies too, they almost think it's asthma. This has been a strange year weather wise.

I hope your little one is doing better.