Thursday, August 13, 2009

Growing up

Joseph is nine years old but sometimes I forget. I forget that he's not my baby any more.

He's still so small. He was the littlest one in his class last year. He's still wearing size 5/6 shorts. His giant beast of a little sister will probably be taller than him soon.

He's still so innocent. The other day he heard someone use the word "stupid" and he covered his mouth and looked at me with his gigantic brown eyes opened as wide as they could be. "That man just said the S word!"

He still acts like a little boy. When we cross a street or walk through a busy parking lot or through a crowd of people he reaches for my hand. He needs help tying his shoes and pouring a glass of milk and figuring out left from right.

He's not a baby any more though. This morning he told me that he didn't want to call me Mommy any more. From now on he wants to call me Mom.

Ouch. My heart.

I know most kids Joseph's age stopped using "Mommy" a long time ago. I should have been ready for this. I'm not though. If he stops calling me Mommy no one will ever call me that again. Elle calls me Mama so I'm only "Mommy" to Joseph. I'm not ready to give that up yet.

At least I know I'll still be trying his shoes till he's 27.

One year ago today I was proud of Joseph for eating ice cream and Elle made the mother of all mud pies.
Two years ago today Jesse proved he can't be trusted to feed the kids when I'm not around.


Suzy Voices said...

My youngest didn't call me Mommy at all (just Mom), until recently, and now he's seven! Now it's either Mommy or Mama. But the other day I was talking to him on the phone at daycare and when I said "I love you", he just said "OK bye!" because other people were around. Knife. In. Heart.

I hope you get to enjoy "Mommy" for a long time!!

Anonymous said...

#1. Just because he said he wants to call you Mom, doesn't mean he won't still call you Mommy.
#2. All the little children grow up. Be grateful he didn't want to call you Jen.
#3. The magic age is 30, so you will get an extra 3 years on the shoes.... unless you buy velcro ones!!
#4. All mothers go through the knife in the heart stuff.... part of the job description.
#5. Hang in there!!

Love, your MIL

Stimey said...

Oh, your heart. It's so cool to watch them grow up, but it's heartbreaking at the same time.