Friday, September 04, 2009

Because I'm too tired to argue

I was going to write a big long post about how moronic I find it that people are actually planning on keeping their kids home on September 8th so that they are not exposed to President Obama telling them to (gasp!) do well in school and (oh no!) try their best but then I found myself so befuddled by the whole thing that I became unable to compose my thoughts or write a sentence that was less than four lines long.

So instead I'm going to tell you the thing I saw this morning that made me laugh and laugh.

I was checking my blog stats and I came across a search done last night for the phrase "is it a problem to ask a girl for a picture of her feces?"

Then, not an hour later, from the exact same ISP - "how to apologize to a girl for a problem you caused".

I have to go now. The kids are watching an episode of Word Girl that I think is trying to brainwash them into becoming socialists.

Two years ago today I wasn't ready for first grade.
Three years ago today Joseph had fantastic manners.


Skywaywaver said...

Well, this comment really isn't about this post, but I do agree with you. But since you like Obama you're already a socialist so why do you care what tv shows are doing to your kids? Really, I'm kidding.
I have spent the last two weeks reading your blog. I found it from some surrogacy-related place. And I couldn't stop. I went to the very beginning and didn't stop. And it caused a huge fight with my husband to "put down the f-ing laptop".
Thank you. You are way more awesome than you know and have made my own 3 year old little girl (yes, the threes suck way worse than the twos) ask over and over again what I'm laughing about (most notably the urine test "hat"). And you've kept me from checking my email every two minutes for an email from my a vIP (yes, I'm not open about my own "safari" due to state laws). I just checked it every five minutes. Or between months on your blog.
So. I only hope I can be a teeny bit as funny as you. I'll try. I'll let you know when the blog is actually up and running. But I'll be scared that you'll think I'm an asshat. So please show mercy.

Sara said...

I'm not too sure about this whole speech, and what it's ever about. Then I looked at the calendar and my kids don't even start school until the 9th &10th.

Stimey said...

Alex asked me if I'd heard about the whole Obama speech thing and blah, blah, blah (he's not of my (correct) political persuasion) and it was like he was speaking a different language because I couldn't even understand why someone would think it was a bad thing.

Also, sending good thoughts to our poor misguided soul who likes to look at feces.

Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children said...

Unrelated, TWINS!!! Wow. Exciting and scary and wow!!!

Those are the best Google search ever!!!

Chiara said...

As an educator I don't understand this whole Obama speech problem either.

And wow, what type of stat program do you use?

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