Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh yeah, I have a blog

I suck.

I feel like I have about 100 balls in the air right now and I'm starting to drop them all over the place.  I have things I want to write about but I can't get my thoughts in order enough to get them all down.  I have friends in need and I haven't been able to be there for them the way I would like.  I have a million little mundane household projects that need to be done but I'm too distracted to stick with them longer than a minute or two.  I'm trying to put together the framework for starting my own photography business but I find it all too overwhelming and I have to stop every time I try to start.*  I'm waiting for emails and phone calls relaying important news, mail delivering important papers, text messages showing something to make me smile and none of it seems like it will ever come.

I'm frustrated, stressed and just BLECH.

On the bright side, I took this picture of a newborn baby's foot.

*Plus there's the whole thing with the pesky little voice saying "You're not good enough at this to even try making a go at it."  I hate that voice.

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susan said...

That pesky little voice is a bitch and should Be paid no attention.

That is all.

susan said...

(Thank you, iPod, for capitalizing at random. You're awesome like that.)

Anonymous said...

I hate that feeling of juggling like crazy. It sucks. But hopefully it will end soon.

Hang in there.

Swistle said...


Anonymous said...

Jen, First of all , you do not suck. Second of all, tell that negative naughty voice to shut up beacause you are not listening to it. And you are definitely good enough. And I have some brainstorming ideas for you on how to promote yourself. And I want to offer you a paying job! I would love to have you take some pictures of me and Ruby together. I know you want to specialize in baby and kids pics, but maybe just this once you could do a four-legged doggie photo shoot with a grown up human? Love you, and you will be great at this! Your MIL, Judy

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