Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A short story about friendship

She lifted her head up from between my legs and peered over the top of the sheet at me.  "I think you're ovulating right now."

This is what happens when your best friend is a nurse midwife and you go to her for a pap smear.

One year ago today my in-laws were not on board with the baby growing.
Two years ago today I flew.


Stimey said...

Yeah, I couldn't do that. No sir. I prefer to have strangers down there. For the most part.

Jen said...

Well, you'll get the ultimate revenge in a few months when you see me squeeze a small water buffalo out after 20 hours of labor.

Anonymous said...

That is real friendship.

I have a friend who's an OB/Gyn and I really wouldn't mind having her as MY OB/Gyn if she didn't live so damn far away.

I mean, she's the kind of person who wouldn't blink at seeing my hoo-ha. And I know she'd tell me even the worst news straight up.

4timesblessed said...

That would be a little awkward. But hey I guess your best friend literally knows you in and out. LOL