Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Ever since I got back from California I have been taking pregnancy tests.  I pee on a stick and then hold it up just waiting for that bright pink line.  Ok, no bright pink line but maybe a light pink line.  A shadow of a line.  An area with a pinkish hue.  Something to give me hope that the transfer took and that I was pregnant.

But nothing.  I felt some rumbling of nausea that I thought might be a sign but that just turned out to be the start of a stomach bug that I'm now smack dab in the center of.  My breasts have been sore and I thought that might be a sign but I guess it's probably just a side effect of the fertility meds I've been on.

I took a blood test yesterday to confirm what I have been suspecting.  This morning I got the results.  The transfer didn't work.

I never had high hopes for this transfer.  For various reasons I didn't really expect it to work.  Still, I had hopes that we might beat the odds.  I wanted it to work.  I really did and if you could get pregnant just by doing everything you're supposed to then I would have been pregnant with triplets. I wanted it to work so much because I knew how important it was for my IPs.

Since that's not how it worked out we now have to move forward.  I should know soon what the next steps will be.  I know my IPs will want to try again and hopefully this time we'll change some things up so that there's a better chance of success.  This is not the end of this road.  It's just a little stumbling block and we'll get past this.  We'll have success.

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Anonymous said...

Jen, I am so sorry. I wanted this to work for you and the IPS. But, one has to look forward, and that is what you all are doing. I am confident that your IP's will get a baby...and that you will be the one to grow it for them! Patience is the key for everyone. Postitive thoughts to you today!!

Your MIL...Judy

Swistle said...

Oh, sad news!

Lindsay said...

Oh Poo! You are so great at getting pregnant and carrying healthy babies, I'm sure you will have success next time. Hugs.

susan said...

Pardon my ignorance, and tactlessness if your vagueness was intentional, but why didn't you think this transfer would work? Was it like a timing thing or a didn't get all the hormonal ducks in a row thing or just a gut feeling? I'm just curious about the process.

Stimey said...

I'm so sorry. I wish it was better news for you. I have my fingers crossed for next time.