Friday, August 11, 2006

Joseph's big prize

Yesterday was the last day of Joseph's summer sports and they had a little party to celebrate. They gave ribbons to all the kids who participated. Most of the kids kind of sauntered up to get their ribbons when their name was called but not our Mr Joseph. He ran/skipped up and yelled "Yea!" several times. He was so proud of himself for getting that ribbon. He kept calling it his prize and he wanted to hold it when they did group pictures of all the kids. He's really, really proud of that ribbon.

We got Joseph's school supply list the other day. Cripes! It seems like when I was a kid all we had to have was a backpack, a lunch box and maybe a Trapper-Keeper when you were older. Joseph has a big old list of stuff he needs to bring plus we'll have to take him shopping for school clothes. Man, this kid just keeps getting more and more spendy. Who knew that was going to happen?

On the good news front, we have finally gotten Joseph in to see a behavioral therapist. We'll finally have someone who can work with him on some of his social and behavior issues that his other therapies weren't able to address. He'll see this woman (who looks like she 18) once every 2 weeks but she said that if we think he needs to come more often then we canbump it up to once a week. She seems really nice and Joseph liked her a lot too so we're feeling pretty good about this.

Oh, and quick Elle update, she's now able to crawl a couple of paces at a time before she drops down and scoots. She's scooting so quick that I can't set her down and walk out of the room. She's a demon, getting into everything. It's awesome.

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Grandma Judy said...

Tell Joseph that I want to see his "prize" ribbon!! Grandma Judy