Monday, August 21, 2006

Mother of the year

Today Joseph told me that I am the best mother that ever lived. Given the day I've had I would be satisfied if I could be sure I was even the best mother in the room whose name is Jennifer. (Yes, I call my living room "Jennifer".)

Joseph's going through some tough stuff right now and as of yet we've not figured out the best way to help him. I'm not sure if it's anxiety over school starting soon or excess energy because sports ended or that a butterfly in Japan flapped it's wings one too many times but something is making him really .... difficult.

Anway, Jesse and I are about to go out to dinner where I am certain I spend the whole evening stressing about Joseph.

Oh, and Elle can nod her head "yes" but sometimes she throws her head back so far that she gets distracted by whatever is on the ceiling.


Kel said...

I often have the same problem of nodding my head "yes" and getting distracted. You must break her of this habit!

Anonymous said...

And if it happens to be Joseph that's on the ceiling, that must be a real distraction.