Sunday, August 06, 2006

My advice

My advice to you is to never see a movie with me. I must have some bad movie going karma or something. No matter what movie I go see it always works out that the most obnoxious people in the entire theater end up sitting right by me. I must give off some kind of scent that attracts idiots or something.

Jesse, Joseph and I went to see Barnyard today (thumbs down by the way) and right behind me was a guy I will refer to as The Pointlessly Loud Laugher. He laughed at everything. A shot of an empty field? HAHAHAHAHA! A man walking? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! A dead cow? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And I won't even mention that the guy's wife and daughter seemed totally unable to control the volume of their voices and that when they walked in they spilled popcorn on my head and that when they got up to go to the bathroom the used the back of my chair to pull themselves up and that after the movie was over I went to use the bathroom and the mother and daughter were in there in the two stalls furthest away from each other and they were yelling to each other about how the popcorn they ate gave them such bad gas. Not that I'm bitter.

This happens to me every damn time I see a movie. What is it about me? What did I do to deserve this? How can I rid myself of this curse? I am not making this up! If you've been to a movie with me then post a comment telling people about what rotten luck I have at movies. Let people know how sad my life is and how they should buy me things off my wish list.


Anonymous said...

It's True - every time we go to a movie, some group of loud people sit right behind Jen. In fact when the group of people sat down right behind her today, I looked at her, chuckled and she rolled her eyes.

Also, something else Jen does at movies, she always forgets what we are going to see while watching the previews


Emily said...

I remember that about you... forgetting even when you buy tickets? Uh oh... is this still an issue Jenny???? (=