Friday, August 22, 2008

My Canadian hero

Dr. Henry Morgentaler is an abortion provider who has survived two attempts on his life. Thank the universe for brave men and woman like him.

I can take an anxious woman, who is in the biggest trouble she has ever experiences in her life, and by performing a five-minute operation, in comfort and dignity, I can give her back her life.

You can read more about Dr Morgentaler here.


Anonymous said...

What idiot considers himself "pro-life" and then tries to kill a doctor?

Ferdinand the Duck said...

Um. I thought I was your Canadian hero.

Scratch that. Heroes update their blogs.

They gave Morgentaler the Order of Canada a couple months ago. Jeezy Creezy did that not go over well in certain small-but-incredibly-vocal circles.

Jen said...

I'm guessing he won't get a booth at the Benton County fair.

Jen said...

wheelsonthebus - Militant idiots. Logic goes out the window when you're all rightous and what-not.

ferdinand - You're not my hero. You're my Canadian non-sexual gay crush. You would be my hero if you would, you know, update once every three months or so.

jen - Of course not. If they gave him a booth then they wouldn't have room for the 14 devoted to makeing sure that you know that if you have an abortion then you're a baby killing whore.

kareninkorea said...

I sure don't agree with shooting at or taking the lives of 'doctors' who perform abortions.

I also don't agree with abortion. I'd like to see so much more time, effort, money, support, education... go into preventing abortion/ making adoption a great alternative.

Trish said...

I hope you don't mind if I go off-topic and thank you for your comment on my post at 5MFSN today. I hope you have a wonderful time at Disney! (Trish @ 5MFSN)

Jen said...

kareninkorea - No need to put "doctors" in quotes. These are actual doctors providing medical services for women. Obviously I'm a big fan of adoption. My own family is what it is because of it. Adoption is a wonderful alternative to parenting but it is not an alternative to pregnancy and birth. There will always be a need for abortion and I'm thankful that there are doctors working to keep it safe and accessable for the women who need them.

trish - I don't mind at all! I enjoyed your post. I bet a lot of people never even think of stuff like that on vacation!

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

This was educational; I appreciate the link. I'm against abortion personally, but I really struggle with the choice thing....thankfully, I've never been in the shoes to know, and I won't judge, except to say that I am totally and completely against abortions that are late in the pregnancy. I hope I never have to face this issue personally (with my kids, for example), but if I do, I guess I would like to know that there WAS a choice.

Anonymous said...