Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cute girl, too bad about the eyebrows

I know, I know. I've been a very bad blogger lately. I'm not writing, I'm not reading. I'm not leaving comments. I'm not even answering comments. In short, I'm sucking wind at this whole blogging thing. I have an excuse though!

You see, right now I'm just a little wrapped up in me. Or rather, I'm wrapped up in my stress about house stuff. In some sort of crazy miracle series of events we found the perfect house and had someone put an offer in on ours all within 48 hours. Another miracle, the home we found was waaaay out of our price range but the sellers agreed to drop the price and we're getting it for $30,000 than what it was originally listed at. Yet another miracle, the buyers of our house offered us very close to what we were asking and despite the rotten housing market we're still walking out of this place with a profit.

All of this came about about after a lot of offering and counter-offering and haggling and waiting and hand wringing. And it's not done yet. There will be an inspection of our house on Friday and we'll have an inspection of the house we want early next week. I'm worried, worried, worried about what those might turn up. I have no reason to think either one will go badly but I feel like everything has gone so smoothly so far that we're bound for some bad luck.

So for now I'm going to try to be positive. I'm going to focus on getting all our worldly possessions packed (because the proposed closing date is September 23rd!) and getting ready for our trip to Disney World.

The number one thing on my "must do before vacation" list? Getting my eyebrows waxed. I don't want to go on vacation and take a ton of pictures and then come back and show them to people have everyone say "Looks like you had a great time but why were you carrying those two caterpillars around on your forehead the whole time?"

Because people would totally ask that. And if you don't believe me it's because you've never seen my eyebrows.


Cathy said...

I've been a bad blogger too - I suppose I can blame work for this lack of blogging time. And google reader. I swear I'm just so darn lazy to click over and comment.
Anyhow - how many more days 'til Disney???? So exciting! Can't wait to hear about it.

Kate said...

I've got my fingers and toes crossed for you! I'm sure everything will be fine- it seems as if this move was meant to be!

shyestviolet said...

isn't it funny the ridiculous priority we put on things for vanity?! I'm going camping this weekend, and MADE SURE I could get my underarms waxed before I left. FOR CAMPING. ach. said...

I totally get the eyebrow thing. And the house thing. And the bad blogger thing.
Can't wait to see what else I totally get.

Sam said...

We put an offer on a house tonight. (we thought it was two but one was gone, poop!) Luckily we don't currently own so no stress on that end. When I call my "eyebrow chick" for an appointment I always say that I have to furry caterpillars on my face that need to be removed. That is a great idea before vacation-not silly at all in my opinion.

Barbara said...

First so excited for you about the houses working out so well! Second, we girls have to pamper ourselves once in a while... :) Growing up I was always told I had Brooke Shields eyebrows... people never got that I didn't consider that a compliment...

Anonymous said...

Eyebrows......... you mean.......... those are eyebrows?

Jen said...

Yay! I can't wait until this is all settled and you guys can kick back and celebrate. I'm thinking I need to brew a special housewarming homebrew or something for you, except that you hate beer. Maybe I should learn to make wine. Yeah, that's my excuse.

Laggin said...

Yeah, remember that blog you had about tactic issues? Remember I have an Aspie too? Now try to imagine convincing a teen-female Aspie that she needs to tweeze or wax those caterpillars on her forehead. Somebody finally called them a uni-brow so she's given in. There is an appointment on Saturday but call me surprised if she actually lets them do it.

Jen said...

cathy - It's the pre-Disney blogginh blahs. Everything pales in comparison to the excitment of getting ready for Disney. Less than a month left now!

kate - I think it was meant to be Now we just have to get through the inspection.

shyestviolet - Underarm waxing? Ough! You're braver than I am! And less hairy obviously.

startwwithanx - I take it you're new here? Stick around, I throw it all out there for everyone to get. I'm very getable.

sam - Good luck with the house! And the eyebrows.

barbara - I've heard the Brooke Sheilds thing too. Yeah, I was not thrilled.

yf - My father ladies and gentlemen! In our family if we can't laugh at ourselves then we .... laugh at each other. ;)

jen - Us moving into a new house is the perfect excuse for you to take up making wine. If you need an excuse, which you don't. What I'm saying is make me some wine dammit!

laggin - I never even thought about how tough stuff like that must be for someone with sensory issues. I wish her luck!

Mandy said...

Congratulations, I hope everything works out!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the house! That's so awesome . . I sure hope all the inspections go well and you are on your way to a new house soon!
And LOL about the caterpillars!