Wednesday, February 18, 2009

He likes his meat the way he likes his women - not chopped up and put into chili

On Monday we had pork chops for dinner and we had a few left over. Since Jesse doesn't often take lunch to work with him and I have this thing about microwaved meat (it's evil and I hate it) I thought I should come up with a way to use the left-overs. I thought of chili. It's easy to make and it's relatively healthy. At least the way I make it is, with lots of beans and just a little meat. I shared my idea with Jesse.

"Jesse, I think I'm going to use the left-over pork chops to make chili." I announced.

What do you suppose Jesse's reaction was? Was it:

a) "Oh Jen!" he cried. "What a wonderful idea! You've thought of a way to provide a healthy and filling meal for your family while saving us money by utilising the ingredients we already have in the house! I have never been more in love with you than I am at this moment!" Then he swept me into his arms as the music swelled.

b) "What do you have to do that for? Those pork chops are fine just the way they are!" Then he left for work without saying goodbye.

I won't tell you what the answer is but I will say this: Do NOT come between Jesse and his meat.


Jen said...

*bites lip* That's asking for a punch line.

laura said...

This is an ongoing issue at home-- I'd rather transform leftovers, DH doesn't think it's worth the trouble, just eat the same thing over again until they are gone.

Oh well. We get through it.