Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Elle is a talker. She says a lot of things and she says them all the time. It's so fun listineing to her and hearing her launguae develop and change. She's gone from baby talk to talking like a real little person.

Mostly. There are a few left-over baby talk remnants that I'm in no hurry to say goodbye to. They're just so cute.

My favorite thing Elle says is "to-got-for". She says it instead of "forgot to". As in "Mama, you to-got-for get your purse!" Come on! That's adorable! I hope she's still saying it when she's 23.

I don't hold out much hope for that though. The other night Jesse was putting Elle to bed and I heard her say "forgot" at least a half dozen times. (We're a very forgetful folk.)

It's fun to watch all these little changes and it's exciting to see her learn and grow but I can't help but be a little sad sometimes that my baby is not a baby any more. I guess sometimes I just need little reminders to never with the days would pass any faster than they already are and to never to-got-for enjoy each day with my children and the wonderful little people that they are.


Shannon said...

The first time my daughter called it a "bathing suit" instead of a "baby suit" I died a little inside. It was so adorable I was hoping she'd say it for a lot longer! :)

susan said...

We're still in the babbling phase here (my son is 10 months old), but my most favorite thing to hear - aside from the heart-melting mamama - is when he gets really excited and says "Wow!" (usually several times in a row...WOWwwwwwWOWwwwWOW!). So freaking cute.

That is all. ;)

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

How funny! It says in my baby book that I used to say "to-got" for "for-got". Must be common!
Emma is just starting to talk-- she calls me mom. As in "MOOOOM! MOOOOM!" Love.it.