Friday, February 05, 2010

Blog apathy

My poor blog. It's really suffering through this pregnancy. I don't mean to neglect it. I have a lot of stuff I want to say, a lot of stuff I mean to say. But then I get myself all situated and comfy in bed, with my laptop poised and ready to publish my latest words of brilliance and I think to myself "Eh. I'll just watch this episode of Golden Girls and then doze off instead."

I am huge and I am uncomfortable and I know that if I start posting here all I'm going to do is complain and who wants to hear that and after all I signed up for this is and I knew what I was getting myself into and women do this all the time without turning into giant babies so why can't I and by the way am I ever going to cook for my family again or are we just going to live on take-out for the next seven weeks?

So I'm not even going to go down that road.

I will show you how I'm not joking about how huge I am though. It's hard to really get a good idea of it when I've got a shirt covering my tummy but there's no way I'm showing you a picture of my bare belly. Between the stretch marks and the gall bladder surgery scars and the pure acreage of white flesh, it's really not a pretty scene. So I'll show you how I look when I lift up my shirt and expose the top of my maternity jeans sporting the world's largest support panel. Seriously, these jeans are insane.
And can I just say in my defense that I have a sinus infection and have not been able to sleep, really sleep, in days? And that this might not be the best picture ever taken of me but at least I had the presence of mind to crop out all of the crap that was sitting on the bathroom counter?

I'm going to go now. There's a Golden Girls on that I really don't want to miss.

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Anonymous said...

OH my... just lay down and rest as much as you can...the children and husband will survive...its only a few more can do it, girl!! I am so proud of you....when this is all over, we are going for pedicures(won't it be nice to see your feet again!) and a massage. You deserve it... and no matter what, it will be my treat!! Your MIL... Judy

shyestviolet said...

largest baby incubator ever. ow. I'm getting heartburn just looking at your tummy.

stick with it--you're almost there!

Shannon said...

You absolutely SHOULD complain here so we can all say "You poor darling!" in an oh-so-soothing voice! I'm sure it's hard to keep your eye on the prize at this point. Strength!

Suzy Voices said...

Holy shit, you ARE huge. But only your belly! The rest of you is very thin and muscular, and when you have the baby, your body will be back to normal as soon as you leave the hospital.

There, I put it out in the universe for you.


Stimey said...

I steadfastly believe that when you are in your last trimester that you are allowed to complain all you want. Bring it.

I hated maternity pants. They never fit my body and always ended up making me look really bad. I admire the way you are wearing your pants.

Emily said...

I just saw you today and holy COW your belly was masked I must say.
And for being a big pregnant lady you didn't complain at all today when I saw you and I was feeling your pain for you!

ALW said...

To me, what's really impressive is the size of your knockers. Those puppies are HUGE! Also, your legs look really thin.

I've obviously never met you in person, so please forgive me for commenting on your body.

jenn said...

Your belly may be huge, but your butt's definitely smaller than mine. And I'm not pregnant...