Monday, February 08, 2010

Brain Damage

My poor children.

They are battered and bruised.

Don't feel too bad for them though. It's their own fault. At some point you would think they would learn not to stand so close to me.

"Mommy?" Joseph asked.

I turn to give him my attention and my stomach hits him, sending him flying into the wall.

Elle runs up to me just as I'm bending over and she collides with my rear end and then then ricochets around the kitchen.

Joseph tries to walk next to me in the hallway and my hip knocks him into a door frame.

Elle asks me to lean down and give her a kiss and I just about end up smothering her with my boobs.

I feel bad for all the injuries that I'm inflicting on my children but I'm also waiting for the day they realize I need a wider berth nowadays.

Although maybe all the times I've knocked their heads against counter tops are starting to take their toll.

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Well, I am sure they have battered and bruised you at times, too.