Monday, May 24, 2010

Death Cold 2010 commands you to read!

Last night I wrote a post about Food Network and it's various stars and it was HILARIOUS!  Then I reread it this morning and realized that it was really not all that funny and maybe I shouldn't blog while under the influence of NyQuil.  Maybe I'll rewrite it once Death Cold 2010 has passed.  Maybe we'll never speak of it again.

In spite of the fact that I cannot breath or hear or bend over without my nose dripping like a faucet, I've been working on some blog posts for my other poor neglected blogs.  Stay tuned because this week I'll be revealing the most embarrassing thing in my house.  I'll also reveal the second most embarrassing thing in my house.  Then I'll curl up and die either from embarrassment or because Death Cold has won.  To kick things off check out this post on Problem Girl Creates where I show off something I didn't create.  Awesome.

To hold you over until I get the other posts up, here is a picture of me that I just discovered on my phone.  It was taken the morning the twins were born (two months ago yesterday by the way).  Please ignore the dopey look on my face.  I was using all my concentration and muscle power to not tip over.  Or explode.

You know, it's really unfortunate that the only shirt that fit me at this point had horizontal stripes.  What was I thinking?  "Gee, I'm measuring 50 weeks pregnant.  What can I wear to best showcase my enormous size?"  Cripes.

Three years ago today Joseph was sick.
Four years ago today Elle ate a lemon.

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