Monday, May 31, 2010

All that food therapy for nothing

Joseph is a picky eater.  It took him years to get to that point.  He used to be ... I don't know, whatever it is that's 100 stages beyond picky.  It took two years of occupation therapy with a heavy emphasis on sensory integration, nearly two years of food therapy and a ton of work from us and him to get him to where he is now.

In spite of all the work he's done he's still a picky eater.  He doesn't like different types of food to be touching or mixed.  He doesn't like sauces or condiments of any kind, he refuses to dip or dunk any of his food.  Soups have been declared totally off limits for being "too soupy".  Anything too spicy or sour or crunchy or slimy or chewy or strong smelling "gross looking" is on his won't-eat list.


Yesterday we went to a teppanyaki grill.  Joseph ordered shrimp with rice and veggies.  He cheered and laughed as he watched it be prepared in front of him.  When it was placed on his plate he dug in.  With chopsticks!  He dipped his shrimp in sauce!  On purpose!  And he said it was yummy!

All that time spent on food therapy and it turns out the real trick to getting him to eat is to first light his food on fire and toss it around in the air before serveing it.  Thanks teppanyaki dining!

Also, it would seem that the trick to getting me to eat scrambled eggs is to have a Japanese man toss them into my open mouth.

Three years ago today I was preparing for an embryo transfer.
Five years ago today I found out I was having a girl.


Stimey said...

That's awesome! Food that's on fire is totally the best!

dancing_lemur said...

Do you use those plates that have dividers for Joseph? Like old elementary school plates? I have a friend (an adult, mind you) who uses those at home because he doesn't like his food touching. He even has a couple of the trays.

But yeah, those cook-at-the-table Japanese places are the best!

Anonymous said...

The food was fantastic and the chef very entertaining!! Thank you for sharing the experience with me! Hope the paint is still sticking to the deck and porch!!

Love to all...

Grandma Judy