Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The little suprise

Well, it's a girl!

I was so certain it was a boy but it's not. The ultrasound tech had me in just about every position I could get into to try to get a good look but as she put it "there are no boy parts showing and definitly some girl parts".

I have to admit there was a tiny part of me rooting for the baby to be a girl. I want someone I can play Barbies with and dress is Disney Princess dresses. Dad says he has to go out and go shopping now because he has always seen such cool girl Disney stuff but he never had anyone to buy it for before.

So yeah, I'm happy. Suprised but happy.

Ok, so the other details. The baby weighs 13 ounces and seems to have all her parts and everything seems to be in working order. She was really moving all over the place during the ultrasound and at one point we saw her hiccup. No matter how she moved though she always seemed to be keeping her legs closed. The ultrasound tech said they were looking for either a "hambuger" or a "turtle" to determine if it was a boy or a girl. After spending lots and lots of time she said she wasn't seeing any sign of a turtle but was seeing a definate hamburger. It was nice to hear it explained in such technical medical terms.

We got some really fun pictures of her. Tow profiles, one of her arm and fist next to her face and one really cool one of her face straight on. It's kind of funny looking because you can only see the skull bones but it's still kind of cute. My baby girl has the cutest little skull you've ever seen.


Ben said...

Congratulations. I guess now I';ll have a neice too.

P.S. Smokeyetta? Pepsi is on the phone...

Anonymous said...

Like this, for instance: