Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Just like Pinnochio

This morning I put Joseph in a plain white t-shirt and put a blue and yellow football jersey over it. He looked so cute! He started to cry though and told me that everyone would laugh at hom for wearing two shirts because he looked "just like Pinnochio when he was a real boy and played baseball".

Huh. Hard to come up with an argument to that.

(Just to be clear I want to point out that none of those unkind things I said about that other family were ever said to Joseph or even in front of him. I'm just venting here. In spite of how it may sound I actually feel very bad for the little boy since the people who are raising him are total idiots and he would probably be better off being raised by howler monkeys. But I do feel sorry for him. Dang, now I'm feeling guilty over some stuff I typed and never even said out loud to anyone. I'm gonna go cry.)

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Anonymous said...

I think when someone messes with your kid you're allowed to have primal killer thoughts. I know I do.