Monday, May 23, 2005

What the?

Another actual conversation between me and Joseph, this time upon me walking into his room and discovering his underwear hanging off his ceiling fan.

Me: Joseph, why is your underwear hanging off your fan?
Joseph: Well, I was excited to watch tv so I started jumping around and I jumped so high my underwear got snagged on the ceiling fan and when I came back down it just flew off. So now it's stuck there.

That's the whole thing. What else could I really say?

I had a dream last night that the baby was born 3 weeks early and it was just tiny, tiny, tiny. It was also a girl. That's the second time I've dreamed that. Before I was so sure that it was a boy that whenever I dreamed about it I dreamt it was a boy. Now I wonder if I'm wrong. Joseph has also started refering to the baby as "she" when he always used to say "he". I'm very curious to see what the ultra-sound I'm having on the 31st will say.

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Anonymous said...

Joseph refers to the baby as "she". On the other hand, he also says he jumped up and wrapped his underwear around the ceiling fan. I wouldn't go out and buy pink baby clothes just yet.