Monday, May 02, 2005

We have no waffles

I don't know if it's the weather or a growth spurt or what but Joseph has been driving me a little bit crazy lately. He's cranky and clingy and asks me a million questions without bothering to listen to the answers. Here's a transcript of an actual conversation we had the other day:

Joseph: I'm hungry.
Me: Ok, let's go to the kitchen and find a snack.
J: I want waffles.
M: You ate your last waffle yesterday, we have to find something else to eat.
J: No, I mean I want a SpongeBob waffle.
M: I know honey but you ate the last one yesterday. You can have grapes or yogurt or applesauce or peanut butter toast.......
J: Ok, I'll just have a SpongeBob waffle.
M: We don't have any more waffles Joseph, you need to pick something else.
J: Ok, a Patrick waffle.
M: We don't have any of those either.
J: Ok, then how about a Squidward waffle?
M: Joseph, the waffle box is empty. All the waffles were gone. All the Spongebob waffles, all the Patrick waffles, all the Sandy waffles, all the Squidward waffles, all of them are gone. We have no waffles left. None. Pick something else for a snack or I will pick something for you.
J: ok, ok, how about just a Spongebob waffle?
M: Joseph! We have no waffles! None! (At this point I pulled the empty box out of the trash and shook it upside down.)
J: Wel, who ate all my wafles?
M: You did!
J: Ok, then I'll have one more today and none yesterday.
M: Mommy needs to go check the mail now. (Then I run around outside the house and scream and pull my hair out. Ok, minor exaggeration, but only on my response, the rest is real.)


Anonymous said...

I guess I don't understand why you wouldn't just give the poor kid a waffle if that's what he wanted.

Ben said...

One today and none yesterday? That kids thinking outside the box.