Monday, May 09, 2005

Fun Mom memories

I meant to post this yesterday in honor of Mother's Day but I got distracted by other things. Here are a couple of fun memories I have of my mom.

1- One time Mom was making chocolate chip cookies and she made a special one for me. At that time I got home from school before Ben so I was the only one to get one. It was probably twice the size of a regualr cookie by in my distorted childhood memory the thing is as big as a pizza. She told me not to tell Ben I got the big cookie and when he got home his "special cookie" was a tiny one about half the size of a regular cookie. It was awesome. I'm sure I was able to not tell Ben for about 3 seconds.

2- Once Mom told Ben and I to dress up in some "fancy" clothes from our dress-up box. She then put a bad sheet on the table to make it into a "restaurant". Then she put out lettuce and salad stuff like a salad bar so we could fix our own salad. The best part was that she made up "menus" with all the leftovers in the house written on them so that we could order whatever we wanted. This is one of my most vivid memories from childhood. I even remember the color of the sheets that were used on the table and salad bar.

3- When we were living in the trailer park Mom came home from work one night and woke Ben and I up. She had a suprise for us, plastic Pac-Man mugs! The pictures on them changed when you moved them around. As young as I must have been at the time I remember that night so clearly. We were so excited, I can picture Ben bouncing around on his bed. I think we thought those mugs were the best things ever and it was made extra-fun because we were woken up to get them.

4- On our family trip to Disney World we went to eat after a long day of theme-parking. We were all kind of slap-happy and everything seemed extra funny for some reason. We were reading triva questions that were on the table and one of them was to name all 7 of the dwarfs. My mom's strategy was to just quickly try to copy whatever anyone else said regardless of if it made sense or not. This is hard to explain but to this day I get a chuckle when I picture her trying to look serious and counting off on her fingers "Sleepy, Dopey, ok, Sneezy, Sleepy, Doc, Right" and including "Ok" and "Right" in her count.

5- During a visit to some theme park in California (I think) we rode on some cheesy ride where you went "back in time!". The ride started with this scientist yelling at you to get away from the time machine and that you were going "back in time!". We got stuck there for about 2 minutes and when the ride started up again Mom gave the animatronic scientist the finger. We all laughed for the rest of the ride.

6- This is not one specific event but it has to do with the face my mom makes when she tries to do something like cross her eyes or roll her tounge or wiggle her ears. No matter what she's trying to do she makes the exact same face! Then she says "I"m doing it! Am I doing it?" but really all she's doing is half closing her eyes and pursing up her lips. It always kills me. I love my mom.


Ben said...

Hey! What happened with my cookie! Mommmmm! Jenny got a bigger cookie than me! And I don't know HOW to clean the bathroom! make her do it!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Mom's. . . Kortney had her baby on Monday by C-section. It's a boy, she named him Jordan. They're doing fine, I hope to see them today and find out more details.

Mom or Dad said...

I think it was a fair trade off. Jenny cleaned the bathroom so she got the bigger cookie. That sounds right to me.


Mom or Dad said...

I always say that one of my favorite Disney moments is that time in the resturant you were talking about. I really wouldn't have remembered anything we talked about, I just remember that everything was funny that night. I think we laughed when asking for more water. Good times.