Saturday, May 21, 2005

Talking with Mr Joe

Joseph: I want a pet parakeet.
Me: We can't get a bird honey, they make such a mess.
J: Why?
M: Because they scatter food and feathers all over the place. Plus, you have to let them out of their cage once in a while so they can fly around and then they poop all over the house.
J: Like, on my stuff they would poop?
M: Right.
J: So what pet doesn't poop on my stuff?
M: Well, dogs can be trained not to poop in the house.
J: Remember when Belle pooped in the house?
M: Yeah, she was such a stinker-dog.
J: What did she poop on?
M: She pooped on one of your Disney books one time and one time she pooped on some of your Baby Einstien cards.
J: (long pause) I don't want those cards anymore, they're for babies.
M: Honey, I threw away the ones she pooped on. But if you don't want them anymore we can give them to the new baby when it comes.
J: Yeah, babies love stuff that has been pooped on.

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Anonymous said...

That kind of generosity just touches me somehow.