Friday, May 20, 2005

Too many beans in my bean soup

I made a big pot of Spicy Black Bean Soup With Sausage and cornbread for dinner tonight. It's kind of think like chili but doesn't have a chili-like taste. I thought it was really yummy. Jesse said it had too many beans in it. Joseph wouldn't even touch it. He did however eat 2 HUGE pieces of cornbread. There was actual corn in it and he still ate it. After he took the first bite he said "This bread is kind of corny!" but he liked it.

This evening I was reading this bew book I got about raising children with AS and Joseph asked me what it was about. I told him it was about kids like him who were very special. He asked what made him special and I told him it was because he was very smart and he has a good imagination and he liked lots of things to be a certain way and a whole bunch of other things. Then he told me I was special too because I was his mommy and I was his buddy and I liked to play with him and I loved him. Darn him and his ability to make me cry like that.

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