Wednesday, May 04, 2005

This even grosses me out!

Ok, the good news: My retina is not torn or detached. Even though my retinas are "very thin" my eyes are healthy.

The bad news: (WARNING! This is gross!) The back of my eye is coming detached from the jelly-like stuff behind it. The doctor says this happens to everyone at some point though usually not till much later in life. My eye is seperating from the jelly and the space it makes is filled in by a liquid that makes kind of a cloudy spot on my retina. The cloudy spot is what's causing the blurry spot in my vision in my right eye. The blurryness will go away after a while but for the next two months I am at an even higher risk for a tear in my retina. I have to watch for flashing lights or "floaties" or a darkness out of my right eye. I don't really have an issue with eyes but I have to admit that as the doctor was telling me about this I was getting a little sick. Something about eye-jelly doesn't sit will with me.

Between this eye thing and my strange lung collapse I'm starting to think I have some strange medical luck. I'll be the first person in recorded history to have spontaneously exploding knee caps or by diagnosed with Constant Hair On Fire Syndrome.

To sum up, the news is good but weird and gross.


Anonymous said...

"Constant Hair On Fire Syndrome"

That is frickin funny

And please, never write about eye jelly ever again.

Anonymous said...

Becky, don't say frickin. Jenny, don't write about eye jelly.

Anonymous said...

Beany, quit repeating "frickin", or I'll smear you with eye jelly.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Jenny, Reiki your eye. And Bill, your face is eye jelly.

Jen said...

Stop it all of you or you're all going to get nothing but a lump of fricken' eye jelly in your stocking for Christmas.