Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Final night class

Despite feeling (and looking) like I had been run through a food processor last night I took Joseph to his final Monday Night Class. He was lloking forward to it because we were going to have a pizza party and it was his job to bring juice.

When we got to the class I pulled aside the main "teacher" and told her how uncomfortable I was with the woman and her sister who said such rude things about Joseph last week. She was just shocked when I told her what they had said. She actually wanted to pull them aside right then and talk to them. I said I didn't think that was needed since that was the last class but I did want to be sure that the sister (who always stays in the room with the kids) didn't pull her usual stunt of trying to act like a teacher and tell Joseph (and other kids) what to do. The teacher (who I'll call "K") agreed that was not appropriate and said she would talk to the other teachers so that they could watch out for it too.

After we had eaten out pizza Joseph got up throw away his plate and the trash can was over by the door. Miss Mac Truck sees him going by the door, barrles over there and says "Joseph, you need to stay in the room!" As I'm heading over there Joseph keeps trying to get to the trash can and she puts her hands on his shoulders and moves him over about 3 feet! Oh man, it's a good thing K got over there first because I was about to tear into the woman. It's not like she pushed him but for cripes sake lady, keep you damn, flabby hands with your gross dirty nails off my kid. K got to her first and said pretty much "Don't ever do that again, you've been told not to do that, it's not your job, there was a teacher standing right by the door watching him, he was ok, you're not supposed to be doing that and it makes the parents and staff here very uncomfotable when you do and so on and so on".

Shortly after that I saw K go into the hallway with the woman and her sister and after they came back in they kept shooting me evil looks. Then they stared at me for the rest of the night. It took every ounce of maturity I could muster not to stick my tounge out and say "ha ha!". K told me after class that the mother was very confused as to why her sister "Fatty Fatty Mc StretchPants" got such a stern talking to and if she couldn't stay in the room witht he kids then they woulnd't be coming back next year. K told them that it wold not work for her to stay in the room and if that was how she felt that was too bad but that it simply was not working out.

Ha! So next year when we go to Monday night class the amount of annoying people will have been cut down by about 15%. Of course, if I know my laws of nature they will have been replaced by someone even worse but I'm just gonna go with this good feeling for now.

Oh, before I forget. I got a neti pot last night to try to clear out my sinues and I almost drown myself using it. I am awesome. I'm going to try it again today to see if I can't finish off the job.

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Anonymous said...

Well, that should have been pretty satifying for you. Not half as satisfying, I'm sure, as voting in round three of the Disney Heroine June Madness...thing, which is now up and running.