Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Lion King

Jesse and I went to see the Lion King Broadway show last night. It was amazing! The costumes, the dancing, the sets, the music, it was all awesome. There was one number right after the intermission where there were cast members out in the audience waving around these birds (fake obivously) over the audiances heads. There was one cast memeber right behind us and the bird she had kept going right over our head. It was so cool, I could have reached up and touched it. That was one of my favorite numbers.

We had GREAT seats. They were right in the middle about 4 rows up in the balcony. We could see everything perfectly but were far back enough to be able to take it all in at one. Jesse and I both agreed that we probably had some of the best seats in the house.

Someone Jesse worked with saw the show a litlt while ago and he liked the show too but he thought "the music was weak". I have to assume that he was either listening to the show through sound-altering headphones or was at another show all together. I thought the music was great and I had goosbumps a lot of the time watching the show.

We bought a show soundtrack for us all to listen to and a Lion King trading pin for Joseph. He looked at it and said "Can I have a Beanie Baby instead?". What a doll.

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