Monday, May 23, 2005

The Twins game

So the 3 of us went to a Twins game yesterday. It was a good game but it ran a little long. The Twins came from behind to pull out a very exciting win in the 11th inning. Joseph even got into it at the end, clapping and cheering when everyone else did.

Joseph got a book and a bat when we came in the gate, they were giving them away to kids 14 and under. He got his face painted before the game started. I was a little shocked that he would want it done and that he would sit still long enough to have it done. After the game all the kids that wanted to could come onto the field and run the bases. That was pretty cool.

We had to wait around a while because there were sooooo many people but it was worth the wait. He started at first base and took off running for all he was worth. His little arms and legs were just flying every which way. The guy behind us even had to chuckle at how cute he looked. After Joseph rounded second base he fell down right in the dirt. He got back up, looked around, shook himself off and kept right on going. We got a couple of pictures of him running to home base and they're pretty cute. We cheered for him and had to catch him because he was all set to take off again. He was a little worried about falling because he had some dirt on his shorts and shirt but I told him he looked just like a baseball player who slid into the base. He seemed to think that was pretty cool. He was even more pleased this morning to discover a little scuff on his brace because "baseball players get dirt on their 'blaces' too". As we were leaving the field we took a picture of Joseph in front of the Twins dugout, the floor of which may have been the most disgusting thing I have ever seen.

All in all it was a fun day and we all had a good time.

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