Friday, May 20, 2005

My baby is high

A while back I got all four wisdom teeth and an impacted molar removed. The spot where they took the molar and wisdom tooth from the bottom right side never really healed right. Once or twice it has gotten red and inflamed but it's never been a big deal. I just rinse my mouth out with salt water a couple times a day and it goes away. It's going to take surgery to fix it but I can't have that done while I'm pregnant. Anyway, it's never really been a problem.

Day before yesterday I noticed the spot was a little sore so I started with the whole rinsing routine. It didn't seem to be helping and still hurt yesterday. As the day went on the pain got worse and worse until I actually in tears. My entire jaw, the right side of my throat, my ear and even my tounge hurt. A visit to the doctor confirmed that I have got a raging infection. The wierd thing is that if you look in my mouth you can't even see that anything is wrong. My mouth doesn't look red or puffy because the infection is so deep under the surface.

Anyway, now I'm on large doses of antibiotics and some pretty heavy duty painkillers. Here's the funny thing about painkillers. You can't take most of them while you're pregnant, not even things like asprin. Narcotics (like morphine and stuff) are ok because they won't harm the baby. They do, I have found out, affect the baby though. So right now I'm getting my baby high. I've asked about 100 people if they're sure this is safe and they all say it is. I even called my regualr doctor this morning to be reassured. Now that I've been told over and over and over that it's ok I'm just going to relax and let the little guy enjoy it.

I like to picture him floating around in there listening to 70's music and burning incense. Then I like to tap on my belly and imagine that he says "Dave's not here man!". It's our little joke.

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