Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The best pictures I've ever taken

A couple of summers ago my extended family got together for a barbeque.  Someone had the idea of getting all the great-grandkids together for a picture.  I got out my camera and took five of the best pictures anyone has ever taken.

To start with I hve my camera on the wrong setting.  At least most of the kids seem happy. You can't tell but the little guy in the middle is crying.  (I had to blur his face for privacy reasons that are too long and boring to go into blah blah blah.)  Joseph is psyched to get his picture taken.

I struggle to get my camera on the right setting.  The little guy on the right starts to lose patience with the endeavor.  The girl next to Elle does her imitation of a can of paint in a mixing machine.
Joseph tries to tickle the chin of the little boy in the middle.  The girl in the middle does her impression of a yo-yo.
The two on the right are getting concerned.  Joseph continues to try to fix the crying situation.  The Amazing Vibrating Girl has chilled out for a minute.
Just as I get my camera to the right setting an earthquake comes along and flings all the kids wildly about.
And that's the story of the best pictures I've ever taken.

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Dee said...

So funny! Just so you know, I have a similar series of pictures of you, Nate, Karl, Mathew & Ben. I think Karl was the one that was crying.

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they looks very cute..