Thursday, May 31, 2007


I was throwing away a used needle and I glanced in the SHARPS box and this is what I saw. Jesse laughed at me for taking this picture but I thought it looked neat.

So far I've been really lucky as far as side effects from the shots. They haven't made me crabby or sick or too terribly headachy. After what I went through with the birth control pills I was really worried. So far, so good.

The only side effect that I'm really starting to notice (aside from some bloating) is that I am flipping tired. I'm not sleeping but my body is just worn out. It's a huge effort to get off the couch at night and go to bed. It's a battle to get anything done around the house because I just have zero energy. We're not even having the garage sale again this weekend because I was just too beat to get anything done. I'm going to try to get more done this weekend so that we're ready for the city wide garage sale next week. We'll see how that goes though because the more shots I take, the more worn out I get. I don't mean to complain though. I really am glad that this has all gone so smoothly.

I got a call from my agency today that June 7th is pretty firm for the transfer. The egg donor is having the retrival done this Saturday. Then I'll fly out for the transfer on the 6th and have the actual transfer of the 5 day old embryos on the 7th. I'll have some bed rest and then come home late on the 8th.

As long as nothing happens with the ED or I in between then, all systems are go. I have another ultrasound tomorrow so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a nice, thick lining. I'm hopeful that the bloating I'm feeling is a good sign.

The bad news is that I'll have to miss Joseph's last day of school and the city kiddie parade. That makes me sad. I don't like to miss out on things that my kids are doing. I'll have to make it up to them and take them to Disney World when this is all done.

Oh, one more thing. It's crazy how much this whole surrogacy is going to cost. I just got a bill in the mail today for the ultrasound I had a few days ago. (The agency pays for it but we have to send them the bill.) $283 for a 5 minute ultrasound! I can't wait to see what the blood work I had done will cost. It's crazy, crazy!


Jennifer said...

I paid over $700 for my ultrasound when I was pregnant. I paid less for the midwife at the delivery... it is really crazy what they charge for those tests.

melody said...

Jen, I hope the fatigue doesn't last too long. And I certainly hope the remainder of the surrogacy goes smoothly and with an easy pregnancy for you. Take care and rest.

I never thought of taking a photo of our SHARPS container. Let's call you creative rather than weird. ;)

Damselfly said...

Yeah, those ultrasounds get ya. I am over 35, so I had like 47 of them. ;) Sorry you're so tired.

Sophie Treadmill said...

Sorry to hear you are so fatigued. Be sure to do something extra special for yourself. You're worth it and you need it. :)

blackpurl said...

what you are doing is remarkable... I pray that all goes well for you and the family you are helping.