Thursday, May 03, 2007

Come to this blog for giant schlongs!

Do you know how many hits I have gotten lately for people looking for boob and vagina pictures? A lot. How let down people must feel when they click over to my blog. I'm Jen and I'm doing my part to sexually frustrate the men of America (and Saudi Arabia if my sitemeter is to be believed). Some recent google hits:

pictures of kids attatched to their moms boobs - Oh, ewwwww.

hairy fragina pictures - I bet this person is stalking me now.

will a girl get pregnant if you kiss a boob? - Thanks abstinence-only sex ed!

girl touching her vagina with her boob - Ahahahahahaha.

my friend might have boob cancer and how can I cure it - Um. Is it wrong that I laughed at this? Probably.

On another note, I just found out that I will be getting my medication delivered on Monday. They asked me about 5 times if I was sure I would be there to receive the delivery. I guess this stuff is pretty expensive and they don't want a shipment to go missing. I'll have to take a picture of it so everyone can see everything I'll be shooting into my butt for the next few months. If nothing else it might make people more sympathetic to me when I start to become a total bitch because of the hormones.

I have to have what's called a uterine lining check before the transfer (to make sure the meds are doing their job) and that should be scheduled by tomorrow or Monday. I've got my call to go over my medication schedule and protocol scheduled for the 17th. I still don't know where I'm supposed to go to learn how to take the shots but we're slowly getting all the pieces into place. It's all coming together now.

On another note, let me tell you about the strangest thing Jesse ever said to me. We were sitting out on the porch together and I was reading a book. Jesse watched this couple riding by on bikes and after they had passed he said to me "These people just rode by on matching bikes. It looks like they won them in a contest or something."

I was wondering how people could look like the bikes they were on were won in a contest and I pictured the bikes having balloons and streamers and giant novelty checks attatched to them. "Why do you think they won them in a contest?" I asked.

"Oh" he responded "they just don't look like the type of people that would buy bikes."

Huh. They don't look like the type of people that would buy bikes? But they do look like the type of people who would enter a contest to win matching bikes and then ride them around town? He is so weird sometimes.


Kel-Bell said...

I'm in so much pain today and feeling really crappy about myself, but your post made me laugh out loud. You're always good for that!

Queen Heather said...

Oh this post has given me the best giggles! So funny!

Emily said...

OK, how lost do you have to be to be typing in the boob/pregnancy question and the curing cancer question?